Saturday, January 15, 2011

SAM with a FAUX HAWK?!

So this post is all.. for fun purposes :)
[regardless if these goofy pictures end up on guru gossip HA!]

I think we all need a little, random post here & there.

Lately I've been receiving comments basically saying you guys think I could pull off a faux haux!

CONFESSION: A little part of me always wanted one, hehe.

BUT I doubt it will ever happen...
It's one of those.. little curious wants but I don't really wanna go - go for it.
My parents might collapse.
They love LOOOOONG hair, luckily my hair now is okay.
When it's not, I hear it 24/7 haha.

Back in high school (psh.. I talk like it was a long time ago.. a year? LOL)
We had fun crazy dress up days during homecoming week.

Funniest one?
I'm not sure if Bama is a world wide term (really doubt it)
Urban Dictionary says it's only in my area (DC/MD/VA) but oh well it might be known other places.

Urban Dictionary also defines the word really well!

BAMA - "word originally from DC used to refer to a hot mess, someone funny looking who can't dress, or is wearing every color on the rainbow."

So you can IMAGINE how we all showed up to school.
It was pretty easy, we either had a cool idea theme or just threw on every piece of clothing we saw that day.

Senior year, I decided to make my hair "bamafied".
Why not? It was my last year, and I was finally into makeup & teasing my hair.
I was literally the only girl who ever wore foundation, or anything over eyeliner.

If I had short hair like I do now, I'm sure I could have made it look decently good
BUT! that is not the point of bama day is it?!

So here's some lovely shots of me & some friends that day, looking like we decided to get dressed in the dark :

OH BTW: Why do I look orange?
Point & Shoot Camera + Using NO FLASH + Bad School Lighting.
My skintone changed depending on the lighting, camera setting and location LOL

I think I used 3/4 a bottle of EXTRA HOLD Aussie Hairspray that day. O_O
And no.. I didn't smooth it out hahaha.
My hair reached new heights!
Snookie heights!
I did some nasty eye makeup.
One green eye/one blue eye, not blended.
I wanted to do something extreme but my hair took too long and I was almost late LOL
Thinking back, imagine the overdone blush, spider lash (one eye) type of look I should have done!
Divina showed up as hamtaro LOL!
& yes, I wore two different color leg warmers on my arms.
My hair never moved that day -_-
If you take your hand and cover my long hair you can kinda get a picture of what I'd look like.
It's not horrible but ehhh haha.


I'll leave the sexy faux hawk-ness to my YT/blogger babe Nymphette :)
Her - BLOG & YT
(hope you didn't mind that I stole a picture love!)

Now that's a girl who can rock a faux hawk type of style.

Hope you guys had fun looking at one of my seriously goofy days.



  1. hahha your parents are so the opposite of mine.. they want me to have SHORT hair.. why? cause it's "easier to maintain" lol..

    you look great w/ a faux hawk ~

  2. Pretty cool that it stayed so well, haha. Looks fun!

  3. Oh Wow! Cool hair Sam!

    OH I tagged you in a blog tag, hope you don't mind =)

  4. I think the faux hawk is good enough for the moment, you look stunning with it and you can always change back to your old hair style, whenever you want ;D

  5. BAMA day looked like so much fun! Your hair looks fantastic! You still look soo pretty with all the colors of the rainbow! :) I love the pajama pants. :)

  6. Very nice hair.

  7. your hair looks gorgeous! seriously!

  8. sam!! ive nom u best blog award :)

  9. You are so gorgeous and can pull off any hair look!!!

  10. hahah sammie, i love it! go big or go home!!!

  11. Your hair looks amazing! I want to try this look. Love it.