Monday, April 16, 2012

Personal Life Post: #9 ----10.5 Week Old Updates!

Here is another update for my eager beavers out there.
I told you there would be more updates sooner than later!

This is Ayva currently so I can hopefully get this done before she wants to be up and at em'.
Don't you just love her monkey boppy pillow? It's only appropriate =P
Of course Ayva is decked out in monkeys more than any other animal lol

So there she is. My little angel is almost 11 weeks old.. on her way to three months!
GOSH that is 1/4 of a year! If you think about it in that way.. where has the time gone.
She is roughly around 9lbs-10lbs now. Not as fragile anymore... but still my little mama.

Let's go through some eye candy since my last update 3+ weeks ago.
She sleeps in the cutest poses! Picture by Daddy.
Napping next to Uncle Alex (not daddy Alex - this is fusionxlynnie's bf on yt).
I love putting her in her sleep sack. I wish I had more but I haven't found any of them at carter's =/
Now that she can see she also loves her mobile (which we turned from over her crib to over her changing station.) That thing makes changing her a lot easier because she is so amused by the music and tapping the animals as they rotate that she doesn't move LOL

Well she is up now, staring at me but it's okay.. I can have a convo with her and type at the same time.
I have the tv on so she will be occupied. She lovvvess watching tv. She can sit in her boppy pillow and quietly just watch by herself while I fold laundry or feed momo etc etc.

Size wise she is just started fitting newborn clothes decently well so she won't be wearing 3 months till probably.. around 4-4.5 months at earliest. She's long though so sometimes I have to deal with a huge outfit just so she can kick her legs around. Luckily the weather is warming up so she won't have to wear long sleeve onsies with legs so I won't have to worry about length =P
She's still in newborn size diapers... fits them perfectly now. I hope she moves up to size 1 diapers soon since I have 500 of them sitting in the office LOL goes through a box of newborns in a week.
Pees like no other! Less poops now a days but I swear I change her 10 times in three hours easily. And we are talking decently soaked to really soaked diapers lol No leaks to report yet. Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers are doing very well for me!

Happy to report that she is still on breastmilk so my goal for at least 6 months of only BM is half way there.
Yes to those who ask me, breastfeeding/pumping is time consuming, and tiring and a big commitment but very worth it if you can do it. As much as I'd like to go back to sleep with her after changing her at like.. 4:30AM, I have to pump first! Pumping every 3-4 hours. She's worth it.. I mean... come on look at that face! LOL

She is sleeping well and when she is up we have lovely convos together now since she has started Coo-ing.
We literally had a convo about a tv show today. Goes something like this...

Mama: Do you like her outfit?
Ayva: Ahhhheeeehh
Mama: Her hair is nice.
Ayva: "Ooo! Aaaa!"
Mama: I know right... tell me about it.
Ayva: *giggles*

I'm never lonely now LOL!

And that sum up the quick update.
For those who request baby related videos feel free to post the request on my blog.. and maybe I can make some sort of post instead!
Such as a what do I carry in my baby bag... I've gotten that a couple times =P
I'm considering possibly (just possibly) doing some sort of videos on my vlog channel of related things.
Not sure if I want to open the door to that though =/ Opinions?

Welp. We shall see.
Thanks for reading lovers!


  1. She is absolutely gorgeous!!! x

  2. OMG she is sooooo cuteee <3

  3. I love your blog posts. No need for a video for me I feel these are more intimate. I love newborns I can't even remember when my daughter was this small. Enjoy these moments because they definitely go by quick.

  4. OMG Sam she looks just like you! You have a very gorgeous daughter! Concerning making videos about her and your life as a parent, just do what you're comfortable with! We can understand that you wanna enjoy this part of your life in private! As far as you're happy your subbies will be too! And looking at this angel (she's soo cute) I trully advise you to keep the negativity of the youtube's world faaarrr away from her as you do for your couple (it seems to work very well!)

    Love you sam <3
    A loyal subbie from France!

  5. She is so beautiful!!! WOW!! i love those eyes!! i read somewhere that watching tv as an infant causes damage tho, i guess it's the same reason as to why young kids can't watch those new 3D TVs!!! just to be on the safe side! :)

  6. I watch your vids all the time & had no idea you were pregnant, let alone gave birth. Congrats!!! It's so amazing to be a mother. My daughter is a few weeks younger than Ayva. Yay for baby girls! Now that I've read your post, it reminds me that i need to do an updated post on my blog about baby :)

  7. She is BEAUTIFUL! :'D Congrats again! You've definitely been blessed with a beauty there!

  8. Yay for Breastfeeding! It's hard work and most people don't understand just how hard it is. Pumping is time consuming, but you are doing an awesome job as she looks very happy and healthy!! I love the updates, but definitely only share what you are comfortable with. Just know that you're not alone and that you have so many people who support you in your new journey as a Mama!! xoxo

  9. she is so cute and has a beautiful head of hair!

  10. ahhh, she's so gorgeous! congratulations again, and yes! do videos!! please please! You shouldnt have to care so much about what those haters think. we your loyal fans love you and want to know about what's good in you life! :)

  11. I'd love to see videos of you having a conversation with Ayva but I guess I can understand why you may not be ready to open that door yet. What about unlisted videos that are only posted here on your blog? It's not that big of a step from blog posts/pictures imo. ^^

    I love the picture of her looking at the mobile! It's ridiculously cute!

    Slightly unrelated question: you might have already posted this somewhere but what's been happening with your studies? Did you take a break for this/the past two semesters?

  12. Farhana, I posted about it in early post during my pregnancy.. but I took this spring semester off since she was born in the beginning of it. I still attend last fall during my pregnancy, tho I was very tired lol I was planning to return this summer but I probably will take a few classes this fall but not go back to my full load of classes till next jan (spring semester) when my instate tuition kicks in so I can get more for my money.

  13. i'm super late, but i would love to see videos! Of course it wouldn't be a big deal if you didn't, but it would be nice! She is so cute! My son is 19 months and I miss when he was that small lol I feel like he's a grown man already haha

  14. What a beautifull baby, and she really looks like you:).


  15. I did not know you were pregnant OHH mY geeze and had a baby. When did all this happen? That is extremely exciting. I guess this is what i get for neglecting my blog for a school year :/. Congrats again saaammage and welcome to the mommies club :)