Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Personal Life Post #10 - 4.5 Months Old (17.5 Weeks)!! First Flight & Road Trip.

Welp, Ayva just went down for her afternoon nap.. so let's do this update!
It's been a while so as you can imagine... she has done a lot of growing!
I can't say exactly how much she weighs but I estimate around 12lbs now.
I'll know when she goes in for her 5 month appointment.
Her hair has grown into her face so I try to sweep it to the side like a side swept bang hehe.

She still loves her swing. 
Her curious mind loves just about anything with color and noise.

She can't sit up all by herself yet but she tries reeeeaaaally hard to.
She pulls herself up but can't stay up..up!
I gave her a cute silky monkey security blanket that she holds contently.
I noticed she loved the hug her washcloths so I knew she needed one.

 In May she went on her first roadtrip to VA Beach.
 3.5 hours there & back.. went pretty well!
Ayva went into the pool with me for the first time in this adorable little swimsuit.
She tends to love bath time so she had no issue with being in the pool with me.
The pool wasn't deep so I held her and walked around and she just... looked around!
Pretty simple I must say.

More eyecandy...
In her carseat (or as my sister likes to call it.. "spaceship")
(click to expand)
Ayva's 1st Plane Ride:
As some of you may know I was out in LA for a few days at the end of May for a photoshoot with Haulerdeals as well as their launch party.
It was a spur of the moment type of thing and our flights were booked less than 48 hours before departing so I was beyond stressed trying to pack for Ayva let alone myself.
Daddy on the other hand is a guy so... well I think that speaks for itself.
VERY easy to pack for. Ayva being a baby needs a whole lot of outfits and such so I had to make sure I had the necessities and then some.
Also because she is still drinking breastmilk only I had to bring her bottles, extra bottles to pump into.. let alone my pump stuff.
And I had to pack milk for the 6 hour plane ride too and take that through airport security and such.
No issues of course since I went by TSA guidelines and did my online research prior to going.
We just had to go earlier just in case security took a while since they have to test the milk through a scanner thing to make sure it is what it is. We also had to check her stroller in and her carseat.
Daddy also is the type to go early for everything... so we were extra early.
We were able to keep her stroller and carseat until boarding the plane and then they took them at the tunnel so I held her the entire time.
Everyone on the plane loved her! She giggled and smiled at everyone who walked by.
Eventually I tried to put her down for a nap in my lap since she likes to sleep in my legs and she was tired.
I ended up holding my legs up by pushing my feet against the wall infront of us and had a major calf workout for the remaining 2.5 hours of the flight.
Ohhh the fun a mommy has... lol

Here is a picture of her on the flight in my lap.

On the flight back, my row was very empty so they allowed us to take her spaceship (carseat) with us and she slept like a baby on the way back. She was awake for the last 50 minutes and for two feedings and 3 changes but for the most part asleep. I made sure to read up on my baby flying travel tips and gave her a bottle or pacifier (soothie) when we were going up or down to help the pressure pains.

She enjoyed being in LA. Slept at the hotel well... enjoyed the area.
Met a lot of her Youtube Aunties at the haulerdeals photoshoot.
I have a picture of her with Auntie Judy (itsjudytime) but I'll save that for now since I wanna do a collage of her YT aunties later.
She was pretty quiet during all of the festivities and I think everyone enjoyed having her there though I know a lot of people forgot she was there since she was sleeping a lot LOL
But when she was awake she was being her usual heartbreaker self and giggling + smiling.

And last but not least.. a picture from last week during a 1AM tummy time.
:D warms my heart.


Ayva is now teething hardcore.
No teeth to report yet.
I am starting to introduce her to baby oatmeal cereal made with breastmilk as a intro to solid foods.
She eats it without spitting up but she makes a gross face haha. I give her a baby spoon or two every 3 days just to get her used to the feeding concept before baby bulleting some food for her later.

She recently (and I mean.. within the last 3-5 days) started sleeping through the night for very long periods of time and staying up a lot throughout the day.
She slept from 1AM-7AM last night then back to sleep till 10AM then till noon.
With a feeding & changing everything she awoke from her slumber.
Only problem with that is that she gets tired throughout the day and refuses to sleep lol I have to literally turn off anything exciting and tap her to sleep sometimes because she gets cranky from being tired. She rubs her eyes and tries to fight being asleep.

And last milestone is she is starting to roll! Making diaper changes that much more fun =X
She can roll from tummy to back.. but tends to get stuck half way from back to tummy.

Still talking up a storm. I have a super adorable video of one of our 7AM chats during an episode of pokemon.
Sadly, it's in the dark LOL you can only see us when the tv brightens up the room.
It went something like this..

Mama: Do you love me?
Ayva: "*giggles heeeeeheey!"
Mama: How much?
Ayva: "*giggles heeeeeheey!"
Mama: Do you miss daddy? (he works 6AM-6PM)
Ayva: "*giggles heeeeeheey!"
Mama: How much?
Ayva: "*giggles heeeeeheey!"
Mama: Really now?!?
Ayva: *silent*
Mama: Cat got your tounge?
Ayva: "*giggles heeeeeheey!"
Mama: Want me to beat up the cat?
Ayva: "*giggles heeeeeheey!"
Mama: How much?
Ayva: "*giggles heeeeeheey!"
Mama: Oy that barely made any sense....

And it kept going...

Welp. This post took the whole day LOL
Ayva just went down for the night so I must go do my mommy thing.
Clean, eat, laundry, and edit videos.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing and reading another update.
We are off to LA again for IMATS in 8 days!!
Time to pack again!

Hope all my readers and fellow mamas are doing well!!


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