Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Personal Life Post: #8 Two months into Mommyhood + Some of my favorite baby related things.

Hello Everyone!
Once again I've received so many messages asking when I'll do another update.
So here you go go.

Ayva is currently napping so I figured I'd knock this post out before she wakes up for her next feeding.
She will be 7 weeks old tomorrow & 2 months old in 8 days.
I know I know... 2 MONTHS ALREADY?! I can't believe it myself.
She is currently plumping up slowly and is now a little less than 8lbs.
(Weighed in last week at 7lbs 8oz)
(two days ago, hanging in my lap...)
She has very big eyes. Which she snagged from me!
They make me melt :P

(the top two pictures show her adorable "I'm pooping" face. She really does this when pooping & ONLY then. Bottom, you can see her full head of hair & her sleepy smile.)

She's my little mama! I love her to pieces.
She is just starting to hold her head up by herself & her vision is clearing up (since newborns are pretty blind for the first few weeks) and I can tell that she can see me now! She follows me with her eyes and head when I'm walking around doing things.
Sadly, she is a colic baby. And has gas issues and sometimes struggles when she needs to poo.
Not constipated though, just has trouble pushing. It's sad to watch but I do all I can when it comes to helping her through the tough times. Sometimes all she needs is a tummy massage and some mama loving and here comes the poo! She doesn't cry for hours and hours like some colic babies but she does wake up struggling and wiggling with a painful face.

Am I tired? Yes, more tired than before she was here but of course that is normal.
I am still functioning and not a zombie! It is a bit harder to record with her sometimes though.
Between her & momo... they tend to take turns needing me.
Do I love being a mom? Of course I do!
Is it harder than I expect? No, not by any means. It's not easy but I never expected it to be a piece of cake. The best things in life take work.
As always, it's all about time management/multi-tasking and getting as much done as you can while baby is napping or just relaxing. I'm sure my other mama's can agree.. the little one determines your schedule!

Now I get a lot of questions from new mamas or soon to be mamas about some of my favorite things when it comes to baby.
I'm just gonna list a few things currently. I don't want to make this post too long!

- My Favorite Diapers: Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers

(this is actually my 2000+ diaper stockpile in the corner of my recording room/office lol YAY FOR DEALS & SALES & COUPONS)
The best of the best for my little ones tushy.
They haven't leaked on me or given her any irritation trouble.
They fit best on her narrow awkward booty and I can tell she enjoyes these the most as well.
The pricest diapers on the market but well worth it in my opinion.
My older sister uses these for my niece as well. And through research I notice that Pampers vs. Huggies? Pampers always win in reviews. I also notice they are shaped better but hey it's just my two sense.

Everyone should have at least one swing.
I am tempted to get another one for her for other rooms because she enjoys it so much.
She is currently napping in her swing right now.
Ayva loves movement and car rides always send her to nap land so swings come in hand when you need some hands free time or she needs some soothing to sleep.

For my on the go breastfeeding mamas, the Pump in Style is great! I take it when I'm out visiting my parents or just out for more than 4+ hours.
I rented the Symphony for a couple months and have it set up next to my bed. It's a hospital grade pump and very quiet. Works really well! I always get an extra couple ounces from the symphony. Sucks it's so pricey (being in the thousands) so renting is more realistic.
Thanks to my pumps I have 205 ounces of breastmilk in a deep freezer saved for Ayva to use in the upcoming months just in case my supply slows down. I am trying to avoid any formula at all but I'd be happy if I could hit at least 6 months to maybe a year of only breastmilk since it's the best for her.

A baby shower gift from Auntie Lynn! (fusionxlynnie on YT)
She introduced me to this inovative tub and I must say it's a life saver.
Makes bathing quick, safe & easy and Ayva never cries during bath time.
She loves it! Downside? You can only use it up to 16lbs =( but that's okay.
This made Ayva enjoy the water so now she doesn't mind being without it but it's easier to bathe her with it since she can't slide around.

These are great!
They make swaddling very easy and Ayva tends to nap up to 4 hours at a time when swaddled with these.
Very roomy & cute. Ayva looks like a little burrito when swaddled.

Waaalaaa! Yay for another lovely update.

Ahhh and to quickly update about me.
My postpartum weight drop stopped at 99lbs then I sadly caught the stomach flu two weeks ago.
So now I'm about 95lbs but I'm content with that.
After my latest video a lot of people asked what I did to "get my body back".

Sadly I have no tricks or secrets! Literally within the first week after giving birth my body snapped back on it's own. My metabolism probably played a big part in it.
I haven't changed my diet.. or workout or anything.
Starting next week I'm cleared to do ab excercises from my doctor so I can get some definition back into my tummy for the beach rather than just flat. I personally am a fan of crunches and planks. The only type of workouts I ever do. (Fun Fact: I held the girls crunch record back in high school in AFJROTC. I think at my best it was 72 crunches in 1 minute. )


I hope you all enjoyed. I'd like to take this time to say "HI DAD!".
My dad tends to read my blog when he misses Ayva & I.
I try to visit the MD house once a week to see my parents, niece & sister but I know they'd prefer me there everyday ;)

I hope everyone is having a lovely day. Time for me to go.. little one is waking up & staring at me with her owl eyes :)
Until next time!


  1. So precious and cute =). Mommy hood is one of the greatest adventure in life.

  2. SAM <3
    I always think about how you're doing. I know you must be crazy busy. I never had true appreciation for all that moms do until I started working... and I realized that moms work + take care of the family... while taking care of the family is already a full time job.

    You sound happy, and not overwhelmed. I admire your ability to find balance in life.
    I have finished putting together a love pack for you, and will send that off before I leave for Japan in two days..

    Take care!

  3. ahhh Ayva is soooooooooo adorable!! and she looks just like you! i hope she is healthy and well!

  4. Haha her pooping face is adorable! :)

  5. Ahh Ayva is so cute <3 ! I thought she was doing a kissie face but instead is a pooping expression haha.

  6. haha awww shes sooo cute!! looks just like you!!

    LOL love her little poopy-face, and OMG that first picture when she's in your lap !! :OOOOOOOO her eyes!!

  8. Ayva is so adorable! Congrats on the beautiful baby girl, Sam!

  9. Omg she is sooooo cute and so beautiful :X:X I am so happy for you Sam :D I can't wait to be a mommy :)

  10. Ayva is so precious....Welcome to Mommy-hood :-)

  11. Congratulations Sam and welcome Ayva! I want to say that I really appreciate you updating us & taking the time from your busy schedule. I am a mother of an 8 month old so & I know it can be quite hectic but I love it! I am also amazed that you are a proud breastfeeding mama. It requires a lot of time and devotion. You are an amazing mama! Rock on!

  12. she is adorable maybe she will be a makeup guru when shes older

  13. Sam, she is so,so,sooooooooo pretty and cute! Since you posted your pregnancy i was cheering for you! She is gorgeous and make me want to have a baby right away! (I loved her pin-up face :D)I'm very happy, I wish the best for your beautiful family. Welcome to motherhood, hope its a wonderful experience!
    Best regards from Brasil,