Saturday, February 11, 2012

Personal Life Post: Meet Baby Ayva (=

I know I know...
This is the post a lot of you have been waiting on the edge of your seats for!

May I formally introduce.. my precious little babygirl, Ayva Snow!

Born: January 28th 2012, Saturday - 8:38AM
5lbs, 4 0z & 19inches long.
She is exactly two weeks old today :)
Currently 20 inches & 5lbs 9 oz.
Daddy's nose and chin, mommy's eyes, lips, ears & body.
Barely cries, sleeps all day.. except for 3 hours around 8AM everyday :P

So.. labor & delivery wise.
I was induced on the 27th (friday).. the day of my 38 week doctor appt.
Ayva was still measuring small on the ultrasounds... (around 35 week size) so my doctor believed it would be better to get her out so she can grow outside of my tummy since she was so squished. She wasn't in distress or anything, just smaller than what they'd like.
They told us to head over to the hospital right away...
but we stopped by home to fed the pets, double check bags and such.

Around 6pm, they started me on pitocin.
I was already 2cm dilated since 36 weeks, so we had to wait for the rest of the cm to happen.
I sat around watching "keeping up with the kardashians" and "say yes to the dress" on tv and entertained visitors as we anxiously awaited her arrival!
I decided to get my epidural around 10pm... I wasn't in much pain, but I started to feel the contractions enough that I stared silently at the wall during them. I'd say, a 5-6 on a 1-10 painful scale. The epidural was done quickly, and wasn't painful except for a 5 second moment after it was done when my body tensed up completely and I had to lean into my nurse arms for support.
After that, I didn't feel any of the contractions until a little after 7AM. I didn't "sleep" until about 4AM after the last visitors left and then I tried my hardest to doze off since I knew I would need a bit of energy.
At 6AM my doctor checked and I was only 3CM dilated. They tried to break my water but.. it already broke on it's own when I was sleeping.
Then at 7:30 AM I started to feel tensions that was decently painful in my lower abdomen so I asked if this was normal. My nurse checked and I was 8CM dilated so they started to slowly prep the room for me to push.
At 7:50 I was feeling more of the lower tensions and pain so I asked if I could get anything for it. The nurse decided to check my dilation again, but she didn't really have to.. the baby was coming out! Literally half of a fingernail length... from her head to the world.. and moving!! The nurse literally told me... "don't push, don't sneeze.. don't cough, don't move!!!" and started calling the doctor to come in. Problem was, doctors changed shift at 8AM.. so the other doctor was on the way out while the new doctor was in the parking lot! The nurses were running around hectically trying to finish setting up without the doctor. Doctor comes in, gets scrubbed up..

I start pushing at 8:10AM. Didn't feel a thing during pushing.. aside from the tension in my forehead from trying so hard I wouldn't have even know I was pushing lol 12 pushes (10 seconds each, all spaced out on each of my contractions that were 2-3 mins apart) later and here Ayva was! They threw her onto my tummy and cleaned her and it was literally an amazing breathtaking moment!

They took her to examine on the other side of the room and I sent Alex over (who was already taking a million pictures of her with his phone) as I was stitched up and delivered the placenta.
Within 30 mins, I was up on my feet again.. walking to the bathroom by myself.
The nurse was amazed at how fast I got my legs back LOL
Overall I was lucky and blessed to have a super easy labor & delivery.
Within minutes our families & friends where there visiting!
We had 20+ vistors the first day. And I stopped counting after that.
We left the hospital around noon on the 30th (Monday).
We stayed an extra day because Ayva had jaundice (just like me, my sis, niece and everyone in my fam) and needed 24 hours of light therapy.
Like most newborns Ayva dropped weight the first few days out of the womb. She left the hospital at 4lbs 11 oz. She has a veeeery skinny body so she is wearing preemie diapers though she isn't a preemie lol Newborn clothes are too big for her at the moment (yet preemie clothes are an inch or two too short in length for her long legs) but give her another week or two and she will be able to wear the clothes without swimming in them.

Alex had one week off of work then went back last monday so I Ayva and I spend quality time together all day everyday lol

I've been asked a lot on twitter - How does it feel to be a mom?
It's one of the most amazing indecribable feelings in the world.
I'm beyond honored to be Ayva's mother.. and she is everything I could have wished for in a daughter and more.
I'm sure my fellow mom's can agree.. it's crazy how you can love your baby so much and be willing to sacrifice the world for them almost instantly the second you lay your eyes on him/her.

Alex is over the moon in love with her. He literally says "Ayva, your soooo beautiful" to her every hour.. even if he is at work (phone calls lol).

As for how I'm doing, I'm recovering well.. I think recovering for me is much harder than delivery itself. The soreness the first week was killer. I felt slightly handicap yet kept moving.
I'm not sure of my new weight but I'm sure it's in the 90s. My stomach completely flattened back to my pre-pregnant body within 5 days of delivering.. so I was generally happy about that. It isn't rock hard abs but it's flat and has some tiny ab definition.. and no loose skin! Can't complain! In Alex's mind, since I delivered easily and snapped back easily he thinks I'll agree to 23 more kids... HAAAA! Yeah right.

Sorry for being so MIA but I wanted to fall into a comfy routine with Ayva first before taking on anything else. I also really needed a haircut before making more videos which I finally got 3 days ago. I recorded today as she napped so now I have editing to do right now!!

Enjoy her eye candy, and I'll see you all soon!



  2. Omg Sam she is seriously beautiful :) what a little doll!!! I am so happy you guys are good and at home!! And glad to hear things went easy for you, pretty funny you didn't find it too horrible to give birth, scares the shit out of me lol. And damn you are gonna make girls hate you being skinny mini already... Maybe 22 kids;)
    Congrats to both of you guys!

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    Congratulations on being a Mom :D

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    Glad everything went well & had a easy labor.
    Since she's so small try gerber clothing, NB come really small!!
    Enjoy her while you can, they grow up so fast ^_^

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    My mom told me most Asian babies have to get checked for Jaundice just because of our skin colour, but I'm glad Ayva is doing well and is happy ^^

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    Lots of love,

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    She is beautiful!
    and not to mention, she looks so much like you!
    Cheers to Sam, for her new life as a mummy :)

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