Monday, November 14, 2011

Personal Life Post: Ayva's Precious Face. + Updates

Hello Hello.
Here we are once again!
I'm sure some of you are dying to here another blog exclusive personal life update!
I've received a lot of messages about ask for more & more blog updates lately.
(click for previous updates - #1, #2, #3)
I was holding off on this update until now to let time roll by and to have new pictures to show you! Plus there wasn't much to talk about, all and all things are still progressing smoothly!

I am now finishing off my 7th month, currently 27.5 weeks.
I start my third trimester in 4 days.
(It's kind of weird how docs count. Technically we are due at the end of the 9th month/beginning of 10th. (Since 4 weeks in a month & 40 weeks is full term, i.e 4x10=40)
12.5 more weeks till I'm officially "due to pop".
(88 more days to go - woooohooo!!! everyone is very anxious)
But of course it could happen as early as 37 or even now.
Time is flyinggggg. I have a feeling she will be early.
Predictions anyone? I'm thinking 38.5 weeks.

First and foremost her official full name is...
Ayva Snow Q.
(last name of course won't be posted, this is the internet now!)
Ayva being the first name and pronounced the same way as Ava. (AY-VA)
You know from other updates alex has a thing for the letter "y".
But I am actually liking her spelling a bit more than the traditional Ava.

Now I'm sure your wondering.. why "Snow" as the middle name?
For three reasons.
#1 I wanted her middle name to start with an S.
Since as mentioned before, my only sibling and Alex's siblings all have "A" first names.
And because my sister and I both have "S" middle names. (Initials being - ASC & SSC)
#2 She will be a "winter" baby so it does fit.. more than "summer".
Though I wasn't a fan of using a middle name longer than her first name anyway.
#3 It does have a deeper meaning. Rather than being super random.
Her middle name is my "beloved" older sister's middle name.
She will have "the honor" (cough cough lol) of technically being named partially after my sister who I do honestly adore more than words can describe. My sis reacted with a smile "alright alright, I'll share" haha.
It fits much better than using my middle name which is "Star".
& well the Q last name is obviously Alex's =D

I scheduled a "3d/4d" Ultrasound Appointment because I reaaally wanted nice shots of her to have for albums and just to stare at for a while because I am dying to see her and my regular 2D shots really do suck. My doc office gave me the worst ones ever!! My sister had amazing pictures 2D&3D of Taylor from the same kasier office. So unfair for me, but that is in the past.

Wait till her big cousin Taylor (my niece) gets a hold of her.... they are going to be a devious pair. Partners in crime & classmates for sure. Taylor being 9 months now is so adorable. She can't really talk or stand by herself too long but she is super sweet when she puts her hands on my tummy where Ayva is. Typically Taylor squeezes, scratches, grabs and headbutts things cause she's violent but she lightly rubs her future cousin who in return taps back. Always brings a big smile to Taylor face :) then she cries soon after when I move wondering why Ayva doesn't come out yet.
Gotta "let her cook" more as my sister says.
Though this "bun in the oven" metaphor can go wrong sometimes.

Without further ado
Here she is....

She has mama's face shape (pointy jaw gives it away) & eye area shape.
100% positive on that :D
Daddy's nose for sure, and I want to say daddy's lips too but we both have big lips so it's hard to tell.
Ahhh my pretty little angel!

& Here is an updated belly bump picture taken today:
I'm definitely round now! Excuse my pj pants LOL
( for finishing off my 7th month - not bad ehh?)
If I'm wearing a jacket (open) a lot of people still can't tell I'm expecting.
I always thank them for being too kind haha.

Weight Update: For those who are curious..
I have gained 11ish-lbs total currently.
Weighing in at 100.4lbs.
The 108lbs prediction as my delivery weight from past post is still possibly true.
I'm not so worried about the weight total in general (thanks for the kind words fellow mamas from my last post) it's more the back pain that I can't stand. My body isn't used to the additional weight. I've never been this heavy!!
Currently no stretch marks to report though they mostly are genetic and barely preventable (thank you tummy rub butter - works well for moisture).
Lower back pain (from the added weight) started up about four weeks ago.
It's on and off and a little heating pad, angled pillow and massage helps a lot so Alex is always on call hehe.
He reads baby books at work now (for fun O__O) since he works in an high level security gov building they take away his cell and their comps have no internet, so you can imagine his boredom!
He has finished two of the day -to - day books already...
-__- now he is a know it all about pregnancy.
OY OY OY. But all in all it's wonderful to see him so excited though he tries to hide it.
He suggested that we go to an indoor pool once a week to relieve my body of any aches.
We shall see if we go and what the results are.

I've recently purchased some jeggings & leggings (Target $10)to get me through the winter because though I can fit into my old pants.. they aren't comfy eating pants (never were LOL even prior to being pregnant, and you know thanksgivings is coming up in 10 days) and why wear jeans when you can wear long sweater tops and leggings!

All in all everything is going very well as always.
We did a engagement/maternity shoot with fellow youtuber/blogger & friend Mel (LaBelleMel) yesterday.
I'm excited to see those pics! It was fun!
We move into our new (3 Bed, 2 Bath) apartment December 8th.
You know I'm having a ball shopping for stuff hehehe.
I'll do an update showing some of the stuff I've already hoarded.
Here is a little ikea collage of the new stuff we have purchased and are hanging in storage.
I signed the lease for the apartment about 3 weeks ago. YES - I felt super old LOL
We also have a new addition to our pet family arriving December 9th (a little puppy named "Momo"! so stay tuned for more about that)
The new car is already home and pretty darn comfy. Heated seats ftw! (Shown in this vlog)

Our baby shower is coming up on November 26th!
*GAHHHH - 12 days!! What am I going to wear?!?!*
The food line up for that day is crazy! Both families are going all out of course
Expect an update the following few days after that :)
It's always a fun challenge trying to stuff Alex's closest 70 friends -_- in his house LOL
I have like.. 5 real real friends max so it's much easier to fit them. (LONER ALERT haha)
I have a feeling it's going to be around 100 peps after the parental friends are added in.

*Thank you to all who have sent me well wishes and sweet messages. Big special thanks and shout outs to those who have taken the time out of their lives to generously send surprise gifts for Ayva & I. Too too sweet of you all...Honestly, your so amazing! --- Lucy if you see this I'm going to get a lot of use out of my new "Mom's Busy Year" planner. I literally live on a strict organized schedule so planners are perfect! *

Hope all is well with all of you out there...
Lots of love!


  1. YAY! I've been waiting for this post! So happy to hear that everything is going well with the pregnancy♥ Your bump is sooo cute! And my dog's name is MoMo too! how funny! (: Can't wait until we get to see her beautiful face for real♥ -Sami ( Name twin! haha)

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  8. Oh my, I have missed a lot of posts. Didn't know you were a mommy-to-be. That's great news!
    Your baby looks too cute. Even in the belly :) .. I wish you all the good in the world. She is so very loved. Even Taylor is so sweet to her.

  9. My internet has been broken for like a month, but the first thing I did was check your blog. Congratulations! I'm sooo happy for you. (:

  10. *sending out positive vibes to little baby* ^_^

  11. OMG you are so tiny, I was like 106 pounds when I got knocked up and on my son Mason's delivery date I was 166, ugh you are so lucky, I ended up getting stretch marks, ha ha, my mom never had stretch marks but I did, it's cool I just keep tattooing over them, you can even see them ha ha! congrats lady, you are in my list of most adorable preggos I have ever seen ^_^

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  14. Awww. Hi Ayva, you're such a pretty little girl :) [i love the way her name is spelled] I showed my mom the pictures and she said you remind her of herself during her first pregnancy with my older sister. [she was really small too] Well congrats on your little bundle of joy, and i'm glad you and Ayva are doing well :D Take care.

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    Yay that pregnancy is going well and you are just too cute with your tiny baby stomach:)
    Wahoo on the condo and great furniture! I loved buying all my stuff for my first place you will have so much fun!!! I can wait to see more things you get.
    Have a blast at the shower and I am hungry from thinking of all the good food you will have :) keep us updated

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