Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Personal Life Post #11 (6 Months Old Already?! + New Milestones)

Hola Everyone!
It's been about a month since my last post so of course I have new eye candy of Ayva to shown you all.

She's growing up so fast. I can't believe we are half way to a year already!
I always knew time would fly but geez.

My little darling is now 14lbs.

She finally moved out of newborn size diapers on her 5 month mark.
She didn't really fit size 1 at all until 5.5 months and she is still in them now.

Ayva has this weird habit of grabbing her toes and sticking them in her mouth.
Gross I know.... so I have to be careful where her hands let alone feet are.

She really loves toys now! She has teether animals from the brand bright stars that she uses all the time.
We named her elephant "Mr.elephante" and a giraffe is named "Griffen".
She now uses teethers that we chill in the fridge as well.
No teeth up yet to date but we can see three white spots so soon enough.

Ayva is very good with her hands now. 
She'll grab just about anything!!! 
Towels, diapers, food, hair.. you name it.

Her eyebrows are coming in quite nicely now aren't they?

Here we are on July 7th during Auntie Lynn's birthday bbq.
She is wearing her facebook bib LOL

We also do weekly baby playdates with my friend's adorable daughter named Hailey who is 9 months old.
You can see Ayva's elephant on the left and her giraffe in her mouth LOL
Ayva is very social so she loves having other people let alone babies around.

Nowadays we put her in a jumperoo and she has fun grabbing things and trying to jump.
She is still too small for it so we have to stuff blankets around her and pads underneath her since her feet don't hit the ground :D

This was taken yesterday. She loves to laugh and giggle.
My happy little girl :)

I personally don't think she really wants to crawl which is fine. 
She can put her weight down on her legs for a crazy amount of time now so I can see that sitting up on her own and walking is her personal goals haha.
She rolls pretty well now. She can flip fast but she forgets to put one arm down so she gets stuck a bit.

Diaper changes are noooot fun anymore LOL
They are pretty darn difficult. 
If she isn't grabbing things she is flipping... or both!
Food wise we have started her on solids... some blended foods.
We started with baby rice cereal mixed with BM which she ate but was like ehhh.
She is very good at eating from a spoon which is lovely. Opens her mouth and swallows everything!
Even if she doesn't care for the taste she never spits back and always eats more.
Still chugging away with breastmilk. I'm happy to have made it to this month milestone though my supply isn't keeping up with her needs as much anymore so we are gonna start supplementing with enfamil. She seems to like the ready made liquid formula rather than powder so we will be snagging that... luckily I have a lot of $5 coupons for enfamil! Mwahaha ... gotta love coupons.

I think that is it for updates!
I know a lot of people are wondering why I didn't use Ayva for my recent Wittle Bee Review.
As a lot of you know... I don't plan on making videos of her! I already receive enough negativity without videos so I'm not gonna open that can of worms. It gets very complicated when "youtube kids" grow up. Plus if I even show her in a video once... I'll just get more and more comments about why I show her or why I don't show her enough etc etc. Can't please everyone! My niece never gets negative comments because haters only care about insult my daughter since she is.. well mine! LOL I even got a comment from someone who thinks that I spoil my niece and don't buy new clothes for Ayva.
PLEASSSEEE. This girl gets Taylor's old clothes and WAAAAY MORE. I can't help myself. Baby clothes are cute and I love getting her stuff though I know she will grow out of it and only wear it 10-20 times. But seriously? To think that I love my niece but not my daughter.. how does that make sense? LOL

It is what it is.
Hope you all enjoyed the update! Until next time.


  1. Soo adorable!!! What my sister and I used to do with my niece while changing her diaper at that age, is put her under a mobile and have it spin, she was easily distracted and actually stayed still, BUT we had a good 10 -20 second window to change her diaper! Can;t believe they grow so quickly!!!


  3. D'aww this is such a cute post!!
    You are both gorgeous :)

  4. She looks like such a happy baby!!

  5. She looks soo cute and is gettign really big! If you really want to you should make videos of her. Forget haters, they say crap even if you don't show her. And if you don't want to make videos of her, that's fine too. At least you make these posts, and I absolutely love them :D.

    Love from Barbados,

  6. awww she's so cute! My mom told me that when i was 3 months i was 18 pounds lol and doctor need me to go on diet.

  7. Aww, I love all the pictures you take of her. She is such a cutie :)

  8. tbh you shouldn't even care about what ppl think. if one day you feel like you wanna do a vid on ayva then you should! Like you said, you can't please everyone so its like you're damned if you do & damned if you don't right? I personally would love to see vids of her. Im in love with little babies right now since my son just turned 2. I do know though what its like to be judged so much. I had my son at 17 so yea... that pretty much explains all the crap & judgement i went through & STILL DO lol. But i try not to let it get to me. Anyways, like i said if one day you wanna share a vid of her with us please do! Forget all the hatting a** ppl. Take care & enjoy life as a mommy, enjoy ayva now cause before you know it she will be 2 & not need you as much lol xoxo

  9. Ayyyyva! She's beautiful! Time goes by so fast. Enjoy every minute girlfriend! I know you are. (: