Friday, September 7, 2012

Personal Life Post #12 (Teeth, Dresses & Birthdays)

Crap!! Another two months flew by. Long overdue apologizes! 

I've been so busy with this and that... And I've been trying to post as many vids as possible to catch up with request so editing and recording took most of my free time. Regardless... Hmm life.
I'm a year older now. Enjoying my last semester of my year off... As I wait for in state tuition to kick in. Stupid rules are very strict about the wait time after you move to get in state.

Momo bear is already 11 months old!! We are getting ready to have some sort of get together with our friends & their pets for his birthday next month. We are definitely going to spoil him with treats, toys & trips to the dog park and doggy playground. Oh how time flies! Ayva is 32 weeks old in two days! Crazzzzyyy!!!  Technically 8 months if you go by weeks rather than the 28th of every month.  My babies are growing up! 

Ayva now has two teeth! We worked hard for those bad boys...
Teething is the worst thing ever when it comes to babies... ASIDE from shots.
Those suck too. But imagine the pain of having teeth ripping through your fresh baby gums, and not understanding what is happening. EEEEK. Felt so bad for her. And it's not over! 
Gah. If it wasn't for teething tabs, I have no clue what we would have done.

Ayva was dressed fancy for my 20th birthday.. in a red silk dress with roses on the top.
Sadly, I didn't get a good picture of her aside from her carseat.
(she was blinking LOL)
I was so happy that the dress still fit because.. well she was 7.5 months old and I bought that dress for her before she was born.. for my birthday... at a 3 month old size O_O
I think it was the last one in the store at that time. I remember telling myself it would work for her dad's birthday if not mine since she was 3 months then. But it still fit! And it wasn't tight =D
 She's holding her buddy Griffen the giraffe here!

Now to show some of the love I receive every morning.
 Oh yes, sharp nails in my mouth & eyes.
Surprisngly, I cherish these moments... not all mom's get to wake up every morning next to their little ones.
And they grow so fast so I'm trying to enjoy everything! Gah she will be walking before I know it.

Here we are on one of our "my mama and me" day dates... we went to carter's to shop their blow out sale and get a new dress for an upcoming wedding we are attending on the 16th.

I ended up getting her like... 12 new onsies and hair clips instead of just the dress but hey after the sale the total was less than what the dress would have cost full retail. Justified shopping man! 
We try to match as a family on events like the wedding coming up so I have a yellow dress and daddy will  probably wear white with a yellow tie. Otherwise we have a dark purple get up for her and I need to find something to match it. Here she is holding Martin the monkey & griffen LOL her friends. 

Another dress up moment.
We went to a steakhouse a week before my birthday and she wore this cute dress.
I found these cute grey sparkly tom looking shoes from babiesrus since they were on sale.
One side kept falling off LOL poor thing.

She sleeps on her side only now.. preferable her right side but we try to switch her up so she doesn't get a funny head LOL but she rolls a lot.
Her hair is getting in her eyes now.
It's growing just as fast as she is.
WAAAAH :( :(
Loving every moment but I wish she could stay small.. yet know how to walk and not go after everything haha.
Every parent's wish.

She grabs everything now!!!
But still a sweetheart who loves to dance with me.
We sing "you like to move it move it" and she hops up and down and laughs. =D
She can't stand by herself fully yet but.. soon! 

 I'll end this quick update with my favorite picture of her from last week.
Hanging out with daddy on his side of our office. 
My recording desk is.. behind the monitors to the right.

You can tell he is very techy huh? He usually gives her a keyboard that is just for her to play with that is wireless and doesn't go to anything so she can smash it while he types on the real one LOL

Until next time loves.


  1. How cute. Ayva and my daughter kinda look a like in a way :)

    Babies grow up too fast. My daughter just turned 9 months and it's killing me already.

  2. OMG she is soooo cute!! ^_^ & she's growing so fast.

  3. Soooooo cute ^^

    Lovely blog, love from your newest follower


  4. such a wonderful blog honey =)

  5. loveee your ayva updates! she's definitely growing up so quickly!

  6. Congratulations on your baby and a happy blated birthday to you and your Hun bun!! I had no clue you had a vlog channel until today from your first channel and I just spent my entire Saturday night watching all your vlogs! I wasn't sure if you had a baby or not and didn't want to ask until I finished all the vlogs and when I read some comments I jumped right on to your blog website!

    I just want to say you are a great mom you juggle being a mommy a wifey and a YouTuber!!! Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best for you and your family!!!

  7. Hi Sam, I just wanted to congratulate you on your baby Ayva! I just recently found out about her, despite the fact that I've been following you on Youtube for a very long time now!! I wanted to let you know that I support you 110% on being a young mommy and like your other faithful subscribers, my view of you has not changed. It was a very brave thing for you to do, both for having the baby and for sharing your news with us, knowing that there are a lot of judgmental and hypocritical people out there. Thank you for continuing to make Youtube videos and I wish the absolute best for you and your family!