Friday, October 26, 2012

Personal Life Post #13 (Dancing & Ayva's Closet Tour)

OMG. Christmas is in 2 months!
I need to start brain storming for gifts because I'm going to drive myself crazy like usual.

Momo Bear turned 1 year old two weeks ago on the 10th of october and I ordered him a little doggy cake from Pampered Paw Gifts. He ate it! So I assume he enjoyed it :D I chose the sweet potato flavor for him. My fluffy baby. You already know I've been sick the past two weeks and he has been by my side worrying. Cute little boy. If I cough in the middle of the night he comes over and jumps on my legs like he is going to help me in someway haha. Like "mama I know CPR.. stay still". 

Ayva is now has 4 teeth. Two on the top and of course the two on the bottom I showed before in my last post. The top teeth are only half way out so no good pictures of them yet but next post for sure.
Her hair is... as long as ever! A big milestone is that she just recently (this past week) learned how to pull herself up now and is currently standing in her playpen right now. I love how it amuses her so. As stated before, she is an independent soul. The more Ayva can do on her own the more she loves doing whatever she is doing. She is basically 9 months old now and gosh I need to start planning for her birthday party!! Height wise, from the measurements of her last doctors appointment (from the end of sept.) she was 27 inches tall. She has another appointment this upcoming week to get her 2nd half of her flu shot (they do it in two parts for babies) but we can just go off of last month. She was a little less than 17lbs then. My little girl *tears* growing up. Ayva makes little words now. And she knows how to clap on cue. If I clap at her and say.. "YAY!" she smiles as big as she can and claps her hands together. :D :D SO PRECIOUS. 
(at a fall festival with my sister)
She also can dance now! Well.. she does this weird sitting down booty pop where she pops her butt and her chest in and out. TO THE BEAT TOO! =) my baby has rhythm... oh mama is so proud haha.
If I sing her favorite songs... "circus afro" or the despicable me 2 trailer she dances and claps. She also really likes Tim's (timothydelaghetto) "What do I have to do?" song her just released on his channel for some odd reason. The beat makes her dance right away. 
(her outfit at the haulerdeals fashion show with the her long distance bff Asher!)
Sooooo vocal nowadays. She has a high pitched happy squeal that could scare Mariah Carey. SERIOUSLY. No exaggeration . She did okay on her third trip to LA. (Mid october) - I knew it would be challenging because she is very.. on the move lately. But luckily everyone on the plane loved her and would wave to her and smile and she would return by smiling and waving so that helped a lot. I was requested to do a traveling with baby tip post so I'll do that sometime hopefully soon. 

Luckily she hasn't gotten sick from me this time around so thank you buddha! She is now growing out of some of her 6 month outfits so I keep her in 9 months though they are a little loose and long. I don't like outfits too snug anyways since we don't wanna squish a dirty diaper on her do we now? LOL I know I don't. I recently re-organized her closet.. which is still the cleanest one out of us three. I took all of her older clothes and put them in bins to store away and brought out all her newer clothes that she will need for the colder season and put them away! So here is an updated tour of her closet via pictures.

So here is the overall look of it.
(click to enlarge)

The bottom still has her bins from the apartment closet setup (purchased from the container store).
I updated the labels for what I use each bin for now (short sleeve, long sleeve, pants, bibs etc etc). I have a random empty small one currently which I'll use for.. something eventually LOL All of her items are folded neatly inside each bin.
Then the first shelf from the bottom has these bins.
Which have her A+D prevent diaper rash ointment & a bunch of wipes. Refill packs and travel lid packs for her diaper bag. All of her gerber snacks and puffs which I fill into a small travel snack container which I have in her diaper bag. And her disposable bottle drop ins. 

To the left of those bins is extra unseen space from the door which I just have her diaper genie refills and any random sippy cups and such that she isn't using currently. 

Next shelf up is her main hanging clothes. I love her baby sized velvet hangers. Nothing falls!
All of her dresses, jackets and shirt separates are there. To the left is a bath item bin & a random organizer I used to use a lot but now I hold her socks, headbands, hats and hair clips there. 

The shelf above that is also hidden from direct sight so I store all the stuff we don't use there like my extra towels, extra baby bags... and any medela pump related stuff.

An organized baby closet... makes life so much easier. Trust me ladies.

When I need something I can ask anyone.. like please hand me a pack of wipes. 
They go to the wipe basket and there it is.. or the bottle drop ins.. or a certain outfit.

She has a very nice closet too. Daddy mounted all the shelves and everything fits so I can't complain. 

I hope you all enjoyed this update.
Auntie Lynn just came home from work so Ayva is hanging with her.. so I'm gonna edit another video before Lynn gives her back lol


  1. So much cuteness going on in this update!! Love it ^_^

  2. My god she grew up so fast! I can't believe she's 9 months already! D': It's amazing how fast they grow, huh? And omg Momo is 1 year old! Holy moly.. T_T time passes by so quickly! <3 I love the last pic of you together! So cute! : D

  3. Hey Sam.. its 3am, and I am asking you your opinion in a desperate state.. lol. My baby boy is 8 months old, and sleep is still a huge issue for us. He is capable of sleeping through the night, as he has done it before.. but he wont do it anymore and has been up like 4 times tonight. I was wondering if you have done sleep training with Ayva and what has worked for you?